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Brannon Shiflett

Jason Shifflett


Who We Are

Take 29 Productions is a small production company founded by two friends.  We love to tell stories. We can assist at any stage of the storytelling process, from writing the script to color grading the finished piece, and every step in between.  We have the experience, and more importantly we love what we do.

As you learn more about us, don't be confused, we are not brothers!  We share complementing points of view, but our differences make us stronger.

We met a few years ago while attending the Maine Media Workshops where we first collaborated on the short film The Chase. We are very proud of that effort (though it was filmed in just four hours & edited in one night!). We have continued on to tell stories through short films, music videos, and multi-camera theatre performances. This is just the beginning! New projects and new films are already being planned. Look around and you will see our past work, updates on current projects, and concepts for our future work.



  Jason Shifflett

Jason began his career in video production in 2000 when he started working for the Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety.  In 2007, Jason met Brannon Shiflett while attending a cinematography workshop at the Maine Film and Television Workshops and soon after they founded Take 29 Productions.  Jason continues to work at the IIHS as the Senior Technical Photographer/Videographer, and also works on a myriad of projects for Take 29 Productions.  Jason's passion for cinematography has focused his efforts on the role of Director of Photography - however, he performs many duties on set depending on the needs of each individual production.  In the last year Jason has joined the Virginia Production Alliance and the Charlotteville based Filmmakers Republik which allows Virginia based filmmakers to come together to share ideas, offer feedback, and seek help and support for individual film and television projects.  To see a sampling of Jason's portfolio, please go to the "Take 29 Productions" page on YouTube.







Brannon Shiflett

Brannon is a Director and Editor. All he ever wanted to do was make movies. He started his career in filmmaking as a Location Manager in North Carolina and LA. He moved on to Associate Producing documentaries in Washington DC, and later focused on post-production. Brannon currently is Sr. Creative Promo Editor at the National Geographic Channel in Washington, DC. He also continues to work on freelance editing projects and narrative & documentary work with Take 29. He lives in Alexandria, VA. When not making movies, he can be found outside taking photos, playing with his crazy dogs or traveling to places far & wide.

Visit Brannon's Editing site at:

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