Take 29 Productions

Brannon Shiflett

Jason Shifflett


The Leak / Wetwork


The Leak from bshiflett on Vimeo.

Our first project after meeting in Maine was to enter the IFC Assassin's Creed film contest.  Assassin's Creed was a new game at the time and they were putting the winners on the game dvd.  We created two films:  Wetwork was the entry that Jason wrote/directed.  The Leak was Brannon's turn to write/direct.  Jason served as the DoP and Brannon served as the editor on both entries.  They were both filmed in 2007.


Wetwork from bshiflett on Vimeo.

At this time we were working as Shiflett Bros. Productions, but we decided it would all get too confusing.  The foundations of Take 29 Productions started here.

The Chase

The Chase from bshiflett on Vimeo.

The first project by Take 29.  Filmed at the Maine Workshops in 4hrs and edited over night for a class project, this was our first collaboration.  This class project was designed to work with storytelling through the camera.  It didn't hurt to have some good athletic actors.

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