Rothon Trailer
Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 11:32PM

We are Take 29 Productions. This is our new site.  I am Brannon, hello. News of new films & projects will show up here, as well as good post-production and behind-the-scenes information...

Our new short film Rothon recently wrapped up all principal photography and is currently in post-production with the aim of completion by this fall. Below is a teaser trailer we hope you will enjoy. Planning has also begun on our other upcoming projects...


Rothon Trailer from bshiflett on Vimeo.

...Trouble is brewing, John Butler must find an old friend if there is to be hope, but he does not travel alone...something follows...

We will continue to update this space with news and new content we have worked on, while also hopefully giving helpful information on the behind-the-scenes of our process. 

We simply love to tell stories and we hope that comes through in all the work you see.  Please look around, on our Videos page you will find some of our past work and see how we are evolving.  Please feel free to contact us or leave comments.  We welcome you all!


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